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I'm a Feel-O-Saur

'Little Red Jeep was in a big hurry.
He flew 'round the bend in a dusty flurry.
When he came to some sheep crossing the road,
that Little Red Jeep, he hardly slowed.
Out of my way, Vroom, Vroom, beep-beep!
I don't have all day, you ridiculous sheep'

Little Red Jeep is in such a big hurry to get to Cow's party that he bursts right through a herd of sheep, forgetting to say 'please', 'thank you', 'sorry' or 'excuse me'.

When Little Jeep's tire blows and he ends up needing help, who should come along but the same flock of sheep. Will Little Jeep realize he has been rude and change his ways? Will the kindly sheep help Little Red Jeep? Vroom, Vroom, Beep-Beep! helps young readers discover the road is less rocky and the ride is much more fun when you're kind and considerate to others!

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