School Visit

Purpose of Visit

“My students absolutely loved having you come to our class. Your books are so interesting…. my students and I learned so much from your visit.”

-Marykate Foley, Kindergarten teacher, George C. Round Elementary, Manassas, Virginia

Mrs. Evans will have an informal, yet instructive visit with her audience as she shares her sources of inspiration, working methods, writing tools, and many of the entertaining stories behind her published books. She will read from her books, enlighten students on the publishing process and discuss her works in progress. During her presentation, she will inspire young listeners to believe in themselves and to develop their own talents. Questions are encouraged!

Available for
Full-day School Visits (Maximum 5 - 40 minute sessions)

“Lezlie Evans came to our school and provided an excellent presentation… the Principal, students and teachers were thrilled….”

-Jennifer Walsh, W.W. Gordon Elementary, Richmond, Virginia

Having presented at the elementary, middle-school and college level, Mrs. Evans will appropriately tailor her visit to the grade level and adapt her content to the desired course instruction.

Classroom Visits

“Everyone was really focused on Mrs. Evans. She was exceptionally good at explaining things to kids my age.”

- Zarin L., 3rd grader, Miller Elementary School, Canton, Michigan.

Mrs. Evans is happy to sign books in conjunction with her author visit.

Sosnovoborsk, Russia

“The Write Stuff” Writing Workshop

“I took Mrs. Evans workshop multiple times and each time it was fun and interesting. It really helped enrich my writing.

-Bethany M., 5th grader, Hillside Elementary School, Ashburn, Virginia

Students meet for weekly course instruction in which Mrs. Evans shows them the steps and stages of the publishing process-from initial idea to published book. Students will be motivated to keep their own writer’s journal. As they learn how to create different kinds of poetry, invent imaginative story lines, and revise and polish their work, they will become confident, capable writers. This 4-6 week workshop will inspire children to love writing!

Fees and Charges
Please contact Mrs. Evans at for a list of Author’s fees. Additional travel-related expenses may apply for out of area visits (more than an hour travel time).

How to Order Books in Conjunction with a School Visit
Disney/Hyperion Books for Children
(The Bunnies’ Picnic, The Bunnies’ Trip, Who Loves the Little Lamb)
Please specify order is in conjunction with an author visit to receive a 40% discount.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade
(Rain Song, Can you Count Ten Toes, Can you Greet the Whole Wide World)
Books ordered in conjunction with an author visit will receive a 40% discount.
Mondo Publishing
(Sometimes I Feel Like a Storm Cloud)
(If I Were the Wind)